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Argh! My mom is posting pictures of her new car on Facebook and everyone is congratulating her on being able to save up for it. She didn’t save up for it. She sold me and Boy out to my dad and told him we were dating so he’d spend what was supposed to be my tuition on her. I’m so angry I can’t see straight…

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I’m sorry my depression and anxiety are inconvenient to you, Mom. I’m sorry that all I do is cry and get anxious. I wish that you treated my mental illness like you would a physical one. But then again, you did bitch me out for getting the flu.

And #chocolate #souffle to finish! (at Yard House - Palmdale)

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Strawberry Fields #martini (at Yard House - Palmdale)

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First drink! #raspberry #cider (at Yard House - Palmdale)

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Roast Beef and Yorkshire pudding (at Buchanan Arms Restaurant & Pub)

#Newcastle and Porkshire Cheezies for my 21st birthday (at Buchanan Arms Restaurant & Pub)

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Foxy face #henna on @ridonkulous20!

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Kale, quinoa, and millet salad! #healthy #food #kale #quinoa #millet #raisins #walnuts #flax (at Home)


Echeveria perle von nurnberg by cactiphobia on Flickr.



( dalishmarshmallow not sure if you saw this yet but just in case! :0 )


Peace, Love, and all that other stuff. I am of the universe.

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